The 17 Most Important New Cars Of 2015

Each year, a bumper crop of new cars ushers in a new model year. Those new cars can be significant redesigns, or simple facelifts, or more. Out of those brand-new vehicles, 17 of them are the…

25 thoughts on “The 17 Most Important New Cars Of 2015

  1. A new Minivan, 200, Challenger, Charger, 300 refresh and the only Mopar on
    the list is the foreign made one that Jeep people will probably
    reject? This list is in the top 6 of poorly made lists!

  2. They need to come up with new models more often rather than remodeling the
    same cars year after year. Hell, even I have great names for new cars. A
    few of these cars in the trailer don’t look that bad, but, I’m just tired
    of seeing remodeled cars. The mustang looks weird and I kinda started
    getting into mustang until now. Omg, I’ll stick with the classic mustangs. 

  3. These cars are looking more and more futuristic as each year passes. Now
    all there is to do is to wait for other people to test these cars out and
    see how they take.

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